Jack Weinrauch

Our lead counsel, Judge Jack Weinrauch, is a former Chief Administrative Judge of Cook County, Illinois, the second largest county in the United States. Attorney Weinrauch served as the Director of the Cook County Department of Administrative Hearings for 4 years and prior to that was Prosecuting Attorney, Deputy Liquor Commissioner of the Cook County President’s Office for 13 years. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Jack Weinrauch attended DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, Illinois. He then spent 28 years in Pennsylvania, where he served as Legislative Counsel for the Pennsylvania Legislature, as well as Majority Counsel to the Pennsylvania Senate and the U.S. Senate.


Jack Weinrauch’s commitment and dedication to the integration and development of the immigrant and other disadvantaged communities reflects the sentiment and vision of Jack Weinrauch within our organization to contribute to the common good.


As a senior structural and conceptual leader of the Binational Institute, Jack believes that working as a team, with open doors and a willingness to help the team grow stronger with more knowledge and preparation to fulfill the mission of the organization is the job of a senior leader, and it is what will demonstrate how committed one is to one’s mission.


Your principle that the more senior you are, the more time you need to spend on your schedule with the people you work with, as well as mentoring staff, helping them achieve professional and personal success, will make it easier for us as a team to be effective and efficient in our vision.


Focusing on team rather than personal achievements, giving credit to team members for their creativity, commitment and a job well done, will lead us to celebrate the goals achieved with the community we serve. These are Jack Weinrauch’s deeply held beliefs.