Jeanny Santizo

Jeanny Santizo, Bachelor in Legal and Social Sciences, graduated from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, in 2007 as a Lawyer and Notary Public to later obtain her Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law in 2009. She is currently working on her thesis to obtain her Doctorate in Constitutional Law at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. She joined the Binational Institute of Human Development (BIHD) in 2020. Within the Republic of Guatemala, his experience has been in Constitutional, Criminal, Civil, Labor, Family, International Law, Notarial, Consular matters, etc. Having the power to litigate any trial before the courts of Guatemala. And, for more than 15 years she has practiced as a lawyer abroad, authorizing deeds of sale, powers of attorney, minutes, private documents, specifically within the Republic of Guatemala, she has helped people with requests for student visas, tourist and business visas, residency, asylum and other international procedures.