Ezequiel Ángel Ramos

Manager, Achievement at The Binational Institute of Human Development (BIHD)

From a very young age, Ezequiel showed great sensitivity towards others and an enormous desire to help those most in need. At the tender age of 11, he began his work experience as a volunteer assistant in a therapeutic group for people with different abilities at the “Racing Club”. It was there that he discovered his true vocation: service to the most vulnerable minorities in society.

Years later, when he was 19, he joined the Lebensohn Foundation’s committee to combat human trafficking as a volunteer. This experience opened his eyes to the terrible realities of migratory movements and inequality in human rights.

At 23, his commitment to social causes led him to found his own non-profit civil association called “Misericordia” in the towns of Tatacua and Tabai, to provide assistance to marginalized communities living in extreme poverty.

Professional Summary

With a career spanning more than 18 years, Ezequiel has forged himself as a versatile and passionate professional. Here is a summary of his main skills and achievements:

  • University professor of social psychology, transmitting his knowledge to new generations.
  • Expert supervisor of therapeutic processes, guiding other professionals.
  • Accomplished consulting psychologist, specialized in accompanying processes of personal growth and development.
  • Master’s degree in business organization, with profound knowledge of management.
  • Diploma in team management and objectives, leading with efficiency.
  • Renowned speaker on customer service and sales, sharing his strategies.
  • Visionary founder of “Misericordia”, an association that transformed lives.
  • Outstanding career as General Manager of “Am Planes Group”, leading the growth from 25 to 500 employees and 5 branches in 7 years, designing all operational circuits.
  • Compassionate emotional assistance consultant in Florida, Miami, serving 70 Spanish-speaking migrant patients weekly.
  • Titled as a Consulting Psychologist, the highest authority in processes of growth, deployment, and personal development.
  • Master’s degree in emotional grief, an expert in accompanying processes of loss and healing.
  • Solid specialization in business management, combining his humanistic training with strategic business vision.
  • Tireless professional, with a curious and self-taught intellect, always in constant growth and evolution.
  • Upright person, with a proactive and enthusiastic attitude that multiplies his knowledge and skills.

In summary, Ezequiel is a passionate psychologist, visionary leader, and great human being, ready to take on new challenges and continue transforming lives with professionalism and warmth.